Info on Hokkaido Road Closures

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Info on Hokkaido Road Closures

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the recent typhoons hitting Hokkaido caused extensive damage to public transportation and the road system. While public transportation have mostly recovered, many roads and bridges in rural areas are still closed off until further notice.

Here's a map of the current state of roads throughout Hokkaido.

As of writing (Sept 25, 2016):
  • In terms of how it affects us tourists. As you can see, many of these around Central Hokkaido are not major roads.
    The most heavily affected areas are:
  • The western lakeside road at Lake Shikotsu is closed.
  • Between Minami-Furano and Obihiro, east of Yubari, including some roads around the popular Tomamu resort, Kanayama Lodge, and Lake Shikaribetsu. Ikutora-toge, one of the roads leading to Tomamu resort, is closed. The road following alongside the railway tracks should be fine.
  • Also, the main road around Daisetsu Dam between Sounkyo Gorge and the city of Kitami, as well as the fork down towards Mikuni-toge are also closed for repairs. Travellers at Sounkyo wanting to head east may need to detour back to Kamikawa and take the northern route towards Engaru then continue on whichever way. (southwards if visiting the foxes at Kitakitsune farm behind Onneyu road station) *UPDATE* Highway 39 is open again with caution that parts of the road is still under repair, please drive slowly and safely.
  • And the main road west of Lake Notoro, between Lake Saroma and Abashiri is also closed for repairs. Detour via the city of Kitami instead. *UPDATE* this is now open again*
  • Also, some sections on Mokoto-toge, if you consider going between Memanbetsu airport and Kawayu onsen, use Bihoro pass or Shari-cho instead.

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