What Does Natto Taste Like?

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What Does Natto Taste Like?

Post by Ittachi_Kawasaki »

There are many people say "don't try to eat Natto"
But do you know that Natto is really the best thing for your health? If you eat Natto, you will have a good health :lol:
And you must wonder what does natto taste like (http://questionjapan.com/blog/food-and- ... aste-like/)?

Like all other fermented foods and drinks, Natto’s taste might not be pleasant at first but the more you try, the more you like it. Natto has a very unique smell, taste and texture. It has a strong pungent smell like old cheese, the more smelly the better its taste. Along with the smell, Natto is sticky and has a gooey texture. The flavor of Natto is fairly mild, its taste is reminiscent of bleu cheese, a slightly sweeter than boiled soybean with a little bit of bitter.

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