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Forum Styles

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:58 pm
by JT admin
Since the update to PHPBB 3.2 there was a wait period before the custom styles we use were updated to be compatible again.

We now have 2 installed styles that can be used for the board that you can set manually by going to the top right where your name is, click to open the pop-up menu, choose User Control Panel. Once you're in the control panel, go to the tab that says Board Preferences. While there, there should be an option called My board style. To it's direct right another drop down menu appears. The two choices that have been customized for our board are we_clear_blue and we_universal. we_clear_blue is a sky blue, pink, and white theme, while we_universal is dark grey, white, and sparse orange red highlights. Choose either of these as your style. I will update them in the future with more customized functions and design elements as I have time to do design work for the board. prosilver is the default style that comes with the board and remains unused. If you have compatibility issues with your PC/smartphone browser, or if either of the custom styles load too slowly, prosilver has the least amount of graphics and should have no problems with all the functions of 3.2.