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Richard Mille Replica Watch RM011 Korea

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Introducing the old MB & F movement, gold

Modern watchmaking classics in a warm new case.

MB & F's Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar debuted in 2015, and we were taken aback when we first saw it in metal (so much so that I actually had to use the word "blow away"). It is not necessarily surprising to see MB & F watches with a lot of visual effects, but I think the LM QP is outstanding even among the sublime companies of other MB & F watches. Oris Lake Baikal 733 7730 4175-SET replica watch,This is a technical tour that uses a new type of perpetual calendar that is a significant improvement over the complex and fragile classic perpetual calendar mechanism. It was designed by independent watchmaker Stephen McDonnell (Interestingly (This is also a theologian trained by the University of Oxford). The overall design was carried out by Eric Giroud. After the movement was completed,

Since 2015, Legacy Machine Perpetual has released platinum, rose gold, platinum and titanium (in addition to titanium watches (a total of 50 models), launched a total of 25 watches), and won the best calendar award. In the 2016 version of GPHG. This is the first (and probably the last) component 581 movement to be placed in a gold case and matched with a dark blue dial.

The Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar shares the same basic characteristics as other Legacy Machines: the balance is suspended under a bipedal bridge that lifts it above the plane of the dial-in fact, a distance above it. Since the escapement is located below the inside of the movement, you need a very long balancer. For traditional machine perpetual calendars, this raises an interesting design issue, because in traditional perpetual calendars, the hour and minute hands are located in the center of the dial, not the balance wheel. Stephen McDonnell's solution was to move the hour and minute hands to the smaller dial at 12:00, and the other three sub-dials (actually rings) show the date, month, and day of the week and are distributed across In the remaining space around the dial. balance. high quality replica watches

Regardless of the front or back, the movement is a gorgeous work. The mechanism of the perpetual calendar (in the watch) usually relies on the program wheel, with different steps in each month. A sophisticated leverage system "reads" the depth of each step and then makes the calendar indication skip the 31st of the 30-day month. This is as much as the annual calendar, but the perpetual calendar will also skip the 29th, 30th, and 31st at the end of February, and "know" to add the 29th at the end of February in each February year.

The McDonnell mechanism works slightly differently-instead of subtracting the required number of days from the 31-day program round, it adds as many days as needed to the 28-day program round. The concise video made for the 2015 press conference is still the best introduction to how it works.Hublot Complications Mp 05 Ferrari 905.ND.0001.RX

The full effect of the new case metal and dial is certainly not fully appreciated without seeing the metal case, but it looks most promising. The platinum model, which also has a blue dial, is probably the most aristocratic version and the red-gold model has a slight feel of antique clocks, which is perhaps more clearly connected than other models in order to watch the richness of the brilliant past. But a watch made of gold exudes a warm, relaxed and certain luxury atmosphere, which perfectly matches the complex function and the special realization of the perpetual calendar. Feeling very gentleman.

MB & F Legacy Machine Perpetual: case, 44.5 mm x 17.5 mm; case, gold. MB & F and Stephen McDonnell developed a movement with a perpetual calendar mechanism; a frequency of 18,000 vph with a safety device that prevents the adjustment of the perpetual calendar when the date is changed; a quick setting mechanism for the current year. Custom 14mm balance wheel; double barrel with 72 hours power reserve.Oris Lake Baikal 733 7730 4175-SET replica watch


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