Itinerary - Osaka to Nagoya: Autumn Colours and Great Food

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Itinerary - Osaka to Nagoya: Autumn Colours and Great Food

Post by Benji Sun » Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:35 pm

This is a sample route i was considering for this autumn, but was unable to go due to work so i may go next year. It’s best suited for photographing fall colours, but works for all seasons except the winter months with muted tones and little snow. The prices for some foods in this area can be pretty high even if they are cheaper than anywhere else, feel free to make changes if you don’t feel like spending over $100US for high quality surf ‘n turf (Matsuzaka beef and Ise Lobster are top graded ingredients in the world).

On car rental: i highly recommend using Tocoo for car rental in Japan. Their pricing is very competitive and they have deals from all the major rental companies which means a wide selection of pick up and drop off locations, and a huge choice of Japanese cars. (also, try to get the phone numbers for as many locations as possible, because you can use the phone numbers as codes for the GPS in the car.)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
  • visit Oyada Shrine
  • return car at airport
  • depart via Nagoya’s Chubu International Airport
Ways to edit this itinerary...
  • if you have fewer days, the easy way is to stop Day 3 at Ise or Toba, stay the night then head back past Matsuzaka to Suzuka to check out Suzuka Circuit, one of the world’s premier race car raceways, then head to Nagoya or directly to Chubu International Airport.
  • if you have more days, give yourself a few days in Osaka before you get the rental car to head to Nara, or drop off the car at Nagoya on Day 7 and stay a few days in Nagoya.
  • if you are more interested in rural and natural Japan, or not so interested in Nara and Iga ninjas, head south from Kansai International Airport instead and take the long way around the coastline of Kii peninsula. Wakayama, Kumano Kodo, and the Ama Divers of Shima are very worthy sights to see. Shirahama onsen in Wakayama is one of the better onsens in Japan.
  • another area that can be extended is when you reach Ena Valley, you can make a stop at Magome and walk around the area before heading to Gero
Link below is roughly the route and the major points mapped out on regular Google Map (the link won’t work on the new Google Map beta) ... &via=8&z=9

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