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Gluten Free Food Tours - in Tokyo!

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:41 pm
by The Foodie Traveler
It was my last 2 days in Japan after traveling around for 2 weeks. I did a planned tour of Japan with a Canadian company and was on my own for the last 3 days in Tokyo, browsing Facebook for things to do and eat, when I stumbled over this company called Foodie Tours Japan in a gluten-free Facebook group. This was hands-down the best thing I could've picked for my last day, so I wanted to share for fellow celiacs!
The tour was so thoughtful. More than just a food tour, the tour guide was Gizem who is the owner. She gave a fun and interesting tour of local institutions and pointed out fascinating architectural details and their history. It felt very authentic! There is nothing I love more than getting to explore the day to day life of a place and she definitely captured that on the side streets we explored together. Gizem also took my allergy very seriously and inquired about my personal guidelines, which hasn't happened much on any of the tours I have taken until now. The tour featured fantastic and varied street food and presented nothing I had eaten before on the trip. I think that was what I was so impressed by overall; I had already visited the area the tour was conducted in with a different guide/tour and had eaten gf in Japan for nearly two weeks. Gizem provided an entirely new cultural and culinary lens that was completely worthwhile even though I scheduled her tour at the end of my itinerary. She was also just a genuinely warm and fun person to explore the city with. You can tell she loves Tokyo and knows it well. I had built up this tour in my head long before I flew out there and it met every expectation and more. As a solo traveler, I also appreciated that she took a lot of pictures during the tour to capture the experience :)

I am genuinely satisfied and hope this helps someone reading