How to tour locally for freshest local fish

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How to tour locally for freshest local fish

Post by Benji Sun » Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:05 pm

This is a major fish middleman in Tsukiji. Their map lists most of the major fishing ports along the Japanese coastline, and the links below are each of those towns' fisheries co-op. for people who can understand enough Kanji(or google translate) to decipher place names and are very interested in local fish, like the white shrimp of Toyama port, kanburi(winter buri) at Himi port, Aosoi(grey rockfish) from Abashiri port, Sweet shrimp at Haboro port, Kegani at Monbetsu port, whitebait at Yaizu port, sakuraebi at Numazu port, etc... this list is invaluable.主要産地/


(and as for the fish-cyclopedia, there's this

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